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Real Talk 2 years ago
If I had to choose between fucking a man or fucking an amorphous lump of silicone I would pick Amy Andersen
i dont care 6 years ago
Those boobs may be fake, but she is still so beautiful. Id gladly give up everything to be able to fuck her everyday
Sex master 4 years ago
If I have to pay billions of dollars then also I would fuck with her
Hung Luca 2 years ago
If I had to try a fake tits girl there's no way I wouldn't take her
Drake 1 month ago
Nobody mentioned that he couldn't get hardwhat's that about?
Big dick Dave 3 years ago
My fat throbbing cock wants to be in your mouth Amy. With you on your knees, looking up at me as you spit and slurp up and down my cock. Then I wanna fuck you in every position until I explode and fill your dirty wet cunt with my hot cumm.
Tice Nits 1 year ago
Amy, I would do pretty much anything to eat your ass for the night. Yummmmmm
Daddy schlong 3 years ago
I hate hate hate overly plastic fake bitches like this.
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Achu 2 years ago